Discover the opportunities of tomorrow with Design Thinking!


Why are most meetings so inefficient?  Why are employees unmotivated, dissatisfied and change jobs?  What causes customers to buy from their competitors instead of you?  How can your company be successful (again)? 

You are on an important mission - you want to actively respond to a variety of complexities during a challenging time. This is why we offer our know how and provide you with the tools that will help you to achieve your goals. 

Team Ingrid Gerstbach

The team of Ingrid Gerstbach supports people and organizations on their way to more success, enthusiasm and satisfaction, while inspiring a new ease and fun in the process. We specialize in intensive and exciting trainings, workshops and consultancy. And our mission is to keep companies - and especially the people in them - on the road to success. 

Well-known companies from all over the world have been relying on us for years to introduce and live innovation, creativity and empathy as part of their growing culture. And we are convinced that our know-how, our international network and our market knowledge are of great benefit to you. 

Our Services

We base our work on the innovative method of Design Thinking, which was developed in the 1990s in the USA. Design thinking means to us: curiosity, openness and passion. At the core of this methodology is the human being and the quest to reveal the hidden values and needs while focusing equally on the process and the solution. 

This is why Business Analysis is not just an analysis of numbers and facts to us, but also creative thinking, empathy and communication skills.  We break down a project into its individual parts and put it together again - but more important than that: We do this together with your project team.  Because nothing is more motivating than a clearly formulated goal whose formulation you brought to live.

Your Journey 

Design Thinking is a unique problem-solving strategy that drives companies forward. We join our clients in their journey as partners - versatile, industry-independent, personal - and always unique. Together, we observe a problem and identify needs, detach it from its context, and progressively approach an end goal.  In our ever changing complex world we need innovative thinking with the focus on radical customer benefit and need fulfillment. This is how companies secure a competitive advantage. 

Let’s embark on your journey into the exciting world of design thinking and business analysis, together!

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